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Sherilyn's Bio

Frankie M.'s Bio

Born in Sidney Montana, Sherilyn and family moved to Seattle when she was two years old. With a grandfather who was a well-known Barbershop quartet singer and a father who was a choral conductor, music was always a natural part of her home environment. When Sherilyn was eight years old she took her first piano lesson. When she was sixteen years old she began singing with choral groups, which helped her develop a distinctive and smooth vocal style.

Frankie M. has performed in many nightclubs and cabarets during his long career. He started singing at the age of ten and by the time he was in High School, he had released his first record on Clarity Records. He also recorded under contract with, Winley Records, New York City and Clifton Records, Clifton New Jersey.
Frankie and Sherilyn met at a club where a friend was performing and when Sherilyn was asked to sing a song, Frankie was so impressed that he asked her if she’d like to record a song he wrote for a male/female duo. The’ve been working together ever since.
Frankie and Sherilyn are currently under contract with Delorr Productions.